About Us


From humble beginnings back in 1861, the Birla Empire started by Raja Baldeo Das Birla, has evolved into a monolithic, multi-million dollar, global conglomerate. Under the astute management of his four sons, J.K. Birla, R.D. Birla, G.D. Birla and B.M. Birla, with their deep insight driven by prudent professionalism, the group business increased and multiplied. The growing business interests of the Birla brothers led to the amicable and congenial division of the companies and assets.

Today the Yash Birla Group is a well diversified entity with a turnover of over INR 30 Billion.The Birla name is also synonymous with socio-economic philanthropic activities. Having contributed to India’s freedom struggle by imbibing and propagating Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas, the Birlas are continuing with their Corporate Social Responsibility by mobilizing funding and supporting many charitable institutions. The Yash Birla Group is active in this regard as outlined in the CSR.

Our Logo

Our Logo The Conch is one of Nature’s most multi-faceted artefacts. For Indians it is a symbol of hope and epitomizes new beginning. For millions around the world it symbolises strength and vitality. Its mellifluous tone has been used to rouse armies to battle and to put infants to sleep. It is a symbol of power, stability, serenity and excellence. Made painstakingly by Nature over years of effort, every Conch is a masterpiece of artistic excellence and structured synchronicity.

Nothing represents the Yash Birla Group better than this simple yet ebullient form of nature. The Birla’s have strived tirelessly to make the group what it is today – a multi-faceted, diverse and dynamic organization which resonates its presence across the country. Each part of the Group has been built with care and dedication, ensuring a synergy across businesses as well as a planned management of growth and progress. Just like the Conch that represents our being; our group has structured and planned contours and a deep sense of commitment to itself and to the world around it.

“Yash” means “Accomplish” and “Birla” means “Extraordinary”. This beautiful Conch represents this Extraordinary Accomplishment and continues to inspire us to reach new heights and provides the encouragement to take on new and challenging tasks. We pay obeisance to this mighty creation of Nature and derive our strength and clarity of purpose from its alluring depths.

Vision & Mission

The Yash Birla Group would be on the forefront of Indian industry, while expanding its global footprint and carrying forward the legacy of the Birla name by pursuit of excellence driven growth on the bedrock of our ideals.

We at the Yash Birla Group will continually strive to add value for all our stakeholders, employees and customers. Guided by intelligent thought, maturity and integrity, we will work together as a family to create wealth and well being. As good corporate citizens, we will always uphold our code of ethics. We value sincerity, effort and merit, and will always act as responsive and responsible citizens wherever we are present.

Group Philosophy

Move ahead. Stay ahead. is the enduring philosophy that empowers the Yash Birla Group. In concordance to with this philosophy, the Yash Birla Group continuous to excel in the sectors it is present in and breaks new grounds in emerging sectors along with like minded partners who share our ideals.
The group continues to remain forever contemporary by holding on to its core value values and believes to truly epitomize the call to Move ahead. Stay ahead.

Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance principles are a reflection of our five core values of Ability, Integrity, Empathy, Excellence and Unity. These values have been part of the Group's beliefs and convictions from its inception and continue to guide and drive the business decisions of our Group companies. We enjoy the trust and faith of our stakeholders through our steadfast commitment to business ethics, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

Our Corporate Governance principles:
Constitution of a Board of Directors of appropriate composition, size and commitment to discharge their responsibilities and duties Ensuring timely information flow to the Board and its Committees enabling them to discharge their functions effectively Independent verification and safeguarding integrity of the Company's financial reporting Sound risk management and internal control systems Timely and balanced disclosure of all material information concerning the Company to all its stakeholders Accountability and transparency of operations Compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations