FOUNDRY DIVISION - Turbo Charger Bearing Housings
Offering Cost Competitive Solutions
Produce High Quality Machined Castings
Crank Shaft

Manufacturing Facility

Production Capacity

Operating 24x6 our current production capacity is 12000 Metric Tonnes per annum of GI and SG Iron castings.

Melting Facility

4 Induction Furnace crucibles
- 1,000 kg each
- Dual track power pack 750 & 350 KW to run furnaces continuously in Melting & Holding mode
- - Two Single track power pack 750 KW to run furnaces continuously in Melting
Electronic Quick Carbon Silicon Analyzer with Immersion Pyrometer

Shell Moulding and Core Making

10 Automatic molding machines and 16 core making machines of Italian & Indigenous make to produce complex shell cores for the Auto & Hydraulic market segments.

Forward Integration

A full fledged dedicated state of the art setup for machining has been set up and is operational from April 2008, for machining the castings produced by the foundry. This will not only be a move forward but also provide value addition and capability to reduce customer end rejections and provide end to end solutions to customers.
The machining facility is being equipped with the latest 3 axis and 4 axis machining centers, Horizontal machining centers, CNC turning centers, Honing machines, Deburring, Cleaning and Leak testing machines. Besides, the facility will be equipped with a full fledged Standards Room with the latest measuring devices and equipment.

Pouring And Cooling System

Unique pouring system and state of the art cooling system with hangers of Accu Cast design

Knocking And Fettling

Italian designed mechanized system for de-coring, consisting of
- Vibratory Feeder
- Magnetic Separator
- Tumble - blasting machines with
- Auto loader conveyor system
- Dust collector
- Internal shot blasting machines for cleaning of Bearing Housing Castings
- Pedestal & Pneumatic Pencil Grinders for fettling

Pattern Making And Utilities

Pattern Making
- Cast Iron pattern manufacturing facility with CNC machining
- Milling M/C with DRO for In-house operations on pattern & core boxes

- Reciprocating Type Air Compressors
- 320 KVA Diesel Generator Set Power Back Up

Test Equipments

Our lab is well equipped with the latest and current equipment to cater to the stringent requirements laid down by our global customers and include the following:
Olympus microscope
Ultrasonic thickness gauge
Hardness tester
UTS testing machine
3D modeling
Complete shell sand testing lab includes-
HTS / CTS sand tester
Resin coated sand stick point tester
AFS testing machine
Thermal decoring machines, ultrasonic cleaning and nozzle cleaning machines are being added to meet the stringent needs of the our valued customers manufacturing hydraulic valves.