FOUNDRY DIVISION - Turbo Charger Bearing Housings
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Produce High Quality Machined Castings
Crank Shaft

BPTL Foundry Division

BPTL Foundry Division formally known as Birla Perucchini Ltd is part of the US $ 620 million Yash Birla Group headquartered in Mumbai. The YBG Group is a conglomerate of 14 companies in diverse businesses.Manufacturers of Nodular, Vermicular and Grey Cast Iron, through Shell Molding Process.Focused exclusively on Shell Molded, Intricate Cored Castings.Controlled Cooling Line one of the few Foundries in India with such an Advanced facility.Products Ranging from -Turbo Charger Bearing Housings, Rocker Arm Levers, Hydraulic Actuator Cylinders,Brake Wheel Cylinders, Halter, End Yoke, Crank Shafts, Fork Selector.