We offers the variety and highest quality standard Collet Chucks
We offers a wide range in hydraulic chucks on BT/DV/CAT & HSK tapers
Turn-mill center & AT3 Taper check on air electronic gauge
CNC Internal Grinding


Birla Precision Technologies Ltd (BPT) the erstwhile Birla Kennametal Ltd was established in 1986, as a joint venture company between YBG and Kennametal Inc, USA In July 2007. YBG acquired the stake of Kennametal in the JV consequent upon which Birla Kennametal was renamed as “Birla Precision Technologies” (BPT). BPT continues to be a primary vendor of Kennametal worldwide –USA, Germany and APAC supplying rotating tool holders in AT3 class. Besides, BPT also exports in a large way to other major customers in the USA, Europe and in recent times to the Far East including China
Leveraging its core competency of machining, forward integration into machining of precision components and castings was a natural progression and catering to global giants like Cummins, Knorr-Bremse, Husco International.
The YASH BIRLA Group (YBG) is a US $ 620 million business conglomerate with businesses encompassing a wide spectrum of industry verticals such as
Auto & Engineering (A & E)
Power & Power Solutions
Infrastructure & Realty

Companies constituting the A & E business are

Dagger Forst Tools Broaches, Gear Hobs, Shaving Cutters, Shaper Cutters
Birla Precision Technologies Spindle Nose(Rotating) Tool Holders, Collets, Work holding devices , precision machined castings, high precision machined auto components
Indian Tool Manufacturers (ITM) HSS Cutting Tools – Drills, Taps, Reamers, Milling cutters, Tool Bits
Birla AccuCast Shell molded ferrous castings


Leadership in all businesses being addressed
Understand Auto and Machining business well
Have a full range of HSS Cutting Tools to support all applications : Capability to do custom engineering
Strong manufacturing base
Satisfied customer base : Revenue per customer continuously increasing
Large export base: Understand doing global business
US, Brazil
UK, Germany, Spain, Italy
China, Iran, Thailand, RSA


World class organization with expertise in manufacture of a wide range of CNC tooling
- ER/TG/DA collet Chucks
- End mill/Shell mill/MT/JT Adaptors
- Drill chuck Adaptor/Hydraulic Chuck
- ER/TG/DA collets etc.
Close dimension control of products
- All tool holder taper angle accuracy is as per AT3 class.
- Taper surface finish < 0.4 micron
- Circularity < 1.0 micron, convexity not allowed
- End mill adaptors bore size controlled in H6
- TIR of front end W.R.T taper controlled within 5 microns.
World class manufacturing layout


To be a world class organization and a Global supplier of a wide range of precision CNC toolings and high precision machined components with unwavering focus on our customers and our young team

To be a growing, reputed & profitable business entity
By employing people who take pride in satisfying customer needs
With Superior products and services
Through continuously improving processes & thereby attaining cost leadership


Service to Customers above all else
Work with passion, commitment, integrity, enthusiasm & confidence with a team spirit
Fanatical attention to quality in all aspects
Run lean, Continuous improvement, never being satisfied.


Provide exceptional value to our customers through a commitment to superior quality, continuous improvement & total customer satisfaction. All companies of the Auto Engineering Business Group are ISO certified and some TS 16949 accredited