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Hydraulic Chuck

BPTL Hydraulic Chucks for ‘Precision Machining.’

• TIR within 3 microns at nose & 5 microns at 4 times the cutting tool diameters.
• Improved vibration damping by using patented silicon compound as the pressuring medium.
• Upto 800Nm transmittable torque, depending on the diameter.
• Improved surface finish of the work piece.
• Higher work piece accuracy.
• Upto 50% longer tool life.
• Increased productivity.
• Patented, leak-proof clamping system.
• Repeatability of 3 microns TIR over 50,000 cycles.
• Available on all popular taper shanks, including HSK

Slim line high-precision chuck BPTL Hydraulic Quality Chucks for ‘High-speed Machining.’

• Slim line design and shorter reference dimensions; HSK tapers are also to standardized dimensions.
• Defined piston stroke-against stop-guarantees specified clamping forces.
• Two symmetrical pistons bore for the best repeatability and TIR. One screw for actuation.
• Cutting performance is far less susceptible to heat than with oil-filled high-precision chucks.
• Up to and including 20mm diameter, tools with Weldon or whistle-notch shank can be clamped without an intermediate sleeve, ensuring precision and run out accuracy.
• Excellent vibration damping due to silicon pressurizing medium, tool chatter and vibration are reduced, tool life and accuracy are increased.
• The integral clamping sleeve is hardened and tempered to reduce chuck wear and give a longer service life.
• Extremely high clamping forces, 250Nm at 20mm diameter.
• Upto a speed of 15,000rpm, BPTL high precision chucks can be used without dynamic balancing.
At speed above 15,000 and up to 25,000 rpm, additional dynamic balancing may be necessary. • All BPTL hydraulic high-precision chucks are individually tested for accuracy and torque transmission.
Each chuck receives its own certificate showing transmittable torque etc. to acceptable the following minimum values must be achieved:( The values shown apply to slinline and Standard Chucks.)

Clamping Min.transferable dia. (mm) torque moment (Nm)
8 20
10 40
12 70
14 100
16 150
18 210
20 250
25 420
32 800

Instructions for Use – Hydraulic Tool holders

Thoroughly CLEAN the tool SHANK and the tool holder BORE. Oil reduces the “Clamping force” by 1/3.

1. Insert the tool to the bottom of the tool holder. Please note tool shank must hold to the “h6” tolerance.
2. Tighten the pressure screw until fully engaged.
3. All tool holders are inspected 100% then individually certified stating actual run out, thus guaranteeing that run out will be no greater than 3 microns at the nose and 5 microns at 4 times diameter. Tool holders can be selected for improved run out specifications to the above. All tool holders are individually torque tested prior to leaving the factory to the minimum values stated below. The listed values are for round shafts all diameters. Weldon and whistle notch shanks up to 20mm dia, all with “h6” shank tolerances held directly in the tool holder.
4. The actuating screw must not be tightened without tool inserted in the chuck.