We offers the variety and highest quality standard Collet Chucks
We offers a wide range in hydraulic chucks on BT/DV/CAT & HSK tapers
Turn-mill center & AT3 Taper check on air electronic gauge
CNC Internal Grinding


Why Controlled case depth?

Controlled Case Depth gives AT3 class tool holders advantages like:-
. Freedom from cracks, created by the brittleness that results from higher case depth.
. High impact resistance, not provided by lower case depth.Birla Precision achieves controlled case depth by virtue of oxygen probe controlled carburizing.

Why The Black Oxide Finish?

The Black oxide surface finish protects ungrounded surfaces from atmospheric reactions during use; it also results in greater visual appeal.

Accurate, Objective Measurements

The Electronic Air Gauging System used by Birla Precision to measure the accuracy of AT3 class tool holders is state -of -the-art, sensitive and very precise than the Blue Bearing or Air column Inspection methods as both these are Subjective, time consuming, inconsistent and inaccurate.

Why Birla Precision Tool Holders?

Birla Precision AT3 Class tool Holders represent the highest degree of technical excellence and are the perfect answer to the needs og high speed and high accuracy machining.
These international quality tool holders are characterized by controlled case depth and a black oxide surface.

Excellent And Controlled Operating Conditions

At3 accuracy is made possible by not only state -of -the -art machines like a CNC Studer Grinder and highly sophiscated and sensitive precision measuring equipments such as Stoz air electronic gauging system, Scan max-CMM, CAD/ CAMS etc. but by creating a fully air conditioned working environment for 24 hours through out 365 days in grinding section to control dimensional accuracies as well as repeatability.
The processes are controlled through implementation of International Quality Management Systems(ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004), through SPC, RFT Indexes and Run charts.

Why you need AT3 Class Accuracy?

AT3 Class accuracy results in various advantages during machining such as:
. Greater contact area with machine spindle, resulting in longer spindle bearing life.
. Less vibration and chatter during milling.
. Longer cutting tool life.
. Improved run out accuracy and surface finish.
. Higher metal removal rate.
. Enhanced safety.